Grill Cook Bake was created by amateur chefs and food lovers to help people cook better. Whether you’re new to cooking or a seasoned chef, having the right tools, equipment, and gear can be the difference between a good meal or a bad meal.

Our goal at Grill Cook Bake is to provide you with comprehensive and unbiased reviews and information so that you can make informed buying decisions. Our team has decades of combined experience in the cooking field. This knowledge includes a deep understanding of both brands and individual products.  

All of our reviews begin with our team of researchers spending hundreds of hours digging into the details on everything we review. As part of this review process, we seek input from other experts and analyze user reviews of the product. Before any review is published, it must be approved by the Grill Cook Bake editorial staff who utilize their vast experience to ensure you have the best information possible. 

All of our reviewed items are assigned a star ranking from 0 to 5. This overall rank is based upon the consideration of 6 overall categories as listed below. Some of these categories are weighed heavier than others depending on how important we feel it is to a buyer. For example, performance is weighed heavier than warranty. Under each category we look at specific characteristics and data points which creates our rating. Here are the different categories we consider:


You’re buying the product to do a specific job – or ideally jobs. How well it performs these jobs and how it compares to the competition are considered in this evaluation. We weigh this factor the heaviest of all because if the product doesn’t perform then no matter its other attributes then its not worth purchasing.

Build Quality

How well the product is made, and what materials go into its construction makes a big difference in two ways. First, the quality of the build can affect performance. Second, and perhaps more important, the better made a product is then the longer it should last. 

No one wants to continually rebuy the same thing over and over because it keeps breaking, particularly for expensive items such as grills. We put significant weight on this factor.

Additional Features

Some products have added features that others do not. This may be something to make it more user friendly, an extra safety feature, or unique technology. This varies from category to category but products that have additional features at no to little additional cost are rated higher.

Price to Quality Ratio

This is the bang for your buck. Some products are intentionally created to be more affordable with less features or more expensive with all the bells and whistles. This ranking factor looks at a product and compares its quality to similarly-priced products. Those with high quality are rated much higher than others. 


For most products size makes a difference. For some you want to make sure they are big enough. Others, you need to ensure they fit into the space allotted. When we weigh this factor, we look at the size of the product relative to its performance and utility. For example, a small grill that performs excellently will be rated highly.


Many products require assembly. We consider the complexity of the construction and the quality of the instructions. A product that is complex, but reasonably so, with high quality instructions will rate highly for this factor.


Products break, and a good warranty will often save you a lot of money. Products with more comprehensive, and longer-lasting, warranties rate highly.