5 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers in 2022

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TP25 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

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Smart Meat Thermometer

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IBT-2X Digital Meat Thermometer

Even the best grill masters can benefit from the precision and convenience of a Bluetooth meat thermometer. Bluetooth meat thermometers are new age devices that make grilling fool proof resulting in the perfect meal every time.

Using the best Bluetooth thermometer means you can monitor the temperature of your meat as it cooks from anywhere — by the pool, in the house prepping side dishes, anywhere! 

While these devices might sound remarkably similar to a plain ol’ wireless grill thermometer, there is one major difference. Instead of having to carry around a receiver, the use of Bluetooth technology allows you to receive temperature readings through an app on your smartphone. 

Since it can be confusing to know what to look for in a Bluetooth thermometer, we’ve put together this guide for you! Please Note: You must own a smart device such as a phone or tablet to use these products.

The Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers:

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Product Weight: 16 oz
  • Dimensions: 10.12 x 6.81 x 2.64 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion Battery (included)

Our top pick for the best Bluetooth meat thermometer is this ThermoPro TP25 Bluetooth thermometer. It’s our all around pick because it’s relatively budget friendly, has a long connectivity range due to advanced technology and is easy to use. 

The technology is certified by official Bluetooth SIG (the standards organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards and the licensing of Bluetooth technologies). The ThermoPro wireless grill thermometer features the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, providing a strong, effective connection to track temperatures up to 500 feet away. 

You can receive real-time alerts on the go with the ThermoPro BBQ App on your phone. Plus, you can customize desired food temps and ambient temps, set alarms and timers, view graphs and check out the preset USDA recommended meat types and doneness levels to help you cook your meat to perfection.

Additionally, it also uses an advanced estimator algorithm to estimate the amount of time left on your meat to help you plan your meal and manage your time. Plus, you can set a “pre-alarm” to go off 5, 10 or 15 degrees before your food is done to ensure you’re ready to take your meat off the heat at the perfect time.

What makes this grill/smoker thermometer great for the majority of home cooks is the four barbeque temperature probes which can monitor multiple internal meat temperatures and ambient temperatures up to 572 F simultaneously and accurately. Furthermore, this device is even USB rechargeable. 

All in all, this is a great product and our #1 pick for the best Bluetooth meat thermometer. We only have two small qualms with the product. 

For one, you’re likely not going to get connectivity at the 500 ft range, but most of us will never need that level of distance anyway. Our second qualm is even more minor. This product claims to be rain resistant, but there’s no certification to back this up, which would have been preferable.

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  • Four probes 
  • Convenient app features
  • Long distance connectivity (though unlikely to be 500 ft)
  • Relatively affordable


  • Claims to be rain resistant, but offers no certification for this

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Product Weight: 7.04 oz
  • Dimensions: 1.46 x 1.1 x 6.18 inches
  • Batteries: 1 – AAA required (included)

The MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth is our premium pick. While it’s the most expensive item on our list at the time of posting, it’s the only truly wireless option. 

It offers a long connectivity range of 165 ft and allows you to use the free app to monitor your food. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe!

While this thermometer only comes with one probe, the device has dual temperature sensors so you can monitor internal meat temperature up to 212 F and ambient temperature up to 527 F simultaneously. 

Since cooking can be hard for some, MEATER Plus has created the Guided Cook System. It walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect results. You can also set up custom alerts based on the temperature and/or cook time. Furthermore, this product also boosts the Advanced Estimator Algorithm. 

You can monitor your meal from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth. Additionally, you can extend your range using MEATER Link WiFi and MEATER Cloud to use Alexa and monitor your meal from a computer. 

You may be wondering why this Bluetooth thermometer is our premium pick if it’s got only one probe and a shorter range than others on our list. Well, it’s simple, we loved that it was the only product that was actually wireless. You don’t have to worry about the wire getting burned or snagged on anything. This is the only thermometer that will allow you to use a rotisserie without worry. 

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  • Truly wireless
  • Intuitive to use
  • Walks you through the cooking process
  • Convenient app features


  • One probe
  • Shorter range than other products on our list
  • Expensive

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Product Weight: 6.4 oz
  • Dimensions: 7.56 x 4.57 x 1.54 inches
  • Batteries: 2 – AAA required (NOT included)

If you’re on a budget, you absolutely don’t need to break the bank to buy a Bluetooth grill thermometer. The Inkbird IBT-2X Digital Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is our budget pick as it costs about the same as a standard wireless thermometer, but you get the convenience that comes with using Bluetooth and an app to cook!

Since it is on the inexpensive side, the Inkbird thermometer only has a 150 ft range at best. However, this meat thermometer supports eight meat options and has customized preset temperatures. Moreover, it offers timers and temperature alarms. You can set an alarm that will go off on the app for when the desired temperature is reached. 

The temperature ranges from 32-572 F degrees as the short-time measurement and 32-482 F degrees for continuous monitoring

This thermometer is a 2 probe unit. You can use one probe for the protein and the other to monitor grill temperature.

As previously stated, the range on this Bluetooth grill thermometer is short. Another downside is the fact that the stainless steel cable isn’t waterproof, so you must ensure it’s completely dry before using it or it could affect your temperature read.

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  • Dual probes 
  • Cord conveniently wraps around unit for storage
  • Extremely affordable


  • Short range (150 ft max)
  • Not waterproof
  • Doesn’t come with batteries

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Product Weight: 3.04 lbs
  • Dimensions: 0.75 x 2.5 x 4 inches
  • Batteries: 2 – AAA required (NOT included)

The next wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer we like for the best unit with 4 probe inputs. It’s the Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer and it’s user friendly, for the most part. The backlit display is convenient because it’s large and easy to read, but it’s a little inconvenient that it doesn’t come with batteries. 

On the other hand, this Bluetooth thermometer has a compact case that’s weather-resistant. Additionally, it comes with two waterproof probes that are 6 inches long and heat resistant up to 572 F degrees. Plus, the wire stand doubles as a hanger so it can be attached anywhere for storage. 

Moreover, the app allows you to set cook temps, timer and monitor up to four different proteins or ambient temperatures remotely.  Within the app, you’ll find six preset temperatures for multiple popular types of meats, plus nine preset temperatures for game meats such as elk, buffalo and moose. Furthermore, you also have the power to customize the temperature of anything you’d like to cook and set up to four different timers. 

However, the biggest downside for this particular unit is the fact that the connectivity is only 160 feet because it’s moderately expensive compared to other products on our list.

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  • 2 probes
  • 4 probes inputs
  • Convenient app features
  • Water resistant


  • Doesn’t come with 2 – AAA batteries needed
  • Range is only 160 ft
  • Moderately expensive

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Product Weight: 10.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 1.97 x 0.39 x 1.48 inches
  • Batteries: 2 – AA required (included)

Our final recommendation is for the serious griller. It’s the Grilleye Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. This device is made with space-grade aluminium for incredible durability and long-lasting use. Plus, it has a Bluetooth range of up to 328 feet without any disconnections to make your cooking experience as seamless as possible. 

We picked this particular product for our list because it offers something few other grilling thermometers have: 6 probe ports so you can cook a variety of meats to perfection simultaneously. Additionally, it has a dual temperature display that shows both the actual temperature and the target temperatures for all six inputs. 

This product comes complete with an anti-glare screen for easy reading in any weather. Furthermore, this GrillEye screen is made of a specially coated polymer that keeps the device lightweight while reflecting the sunlight, thus allowing you to read temperatures effortlessly.

Finally, list the other Bluetooth grilling thermometers on this list, the app has many built-in presets for grilling protein like beef, poultry and fish. You can also select your doneness levels. Once your meat has finished cooking, the app will inform you it’s time to take it off the grill. 

While this is a great product, we have a few qualms. For one, none of the probes are color coated and that’s a lot of probes to look after, so it would have been better if they were labeled. Second, this product boosts that it’s lightweight, but that can be problematic in heavy winds.

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  • 2 probes
  • 6 probes inputs
  • Midrange price


  • Lightweightness might not be beneficial
  • Probes aren’t color coated


There are a few things to consider when buying a Bluetooth meat thermometer. However, the first thing to know is the difference between a Bluetooth thermometer and a regular wireless thermometer.

Both these types of devices are considered to offer wireless technology to make the grilling experience more hands free. However, with a regular wireless thermometer, you have to carry around a bulky receiver to be able to check the temperature of your meat.

However, with Bluetooth enabled thermometers, you can control everything from an app on your phone. Some apps will allow you to access temperature graphs, let you name each probe and set customized alerts for certain temperatures or doneness levels.

Now, let’s talk about what you should be looking for in a Bluetooth meat thermometer.

Wired vs. Wireless

Even though Bluetooth thermometers are considered wireless, this is a bit of a misnomer because there are usually wires attached to the probes that connect them to a receiver. However, there is one option on this list, the MEATER Plus, that is completely and totally free of wires. This could be beneficial if you’re someone who’s itching to cook on a rotating spit. Obviously, a wired thermometer would really make that problematic.


The next thing to consider are your probes. The number of probes is an obvious consideration. Most Bluetooth thermometers already come with one to two probes, which will get the job done in most cases. 

However, if you’re someone who grills for larger parties of people and thus makes larger quantities of meat, you should consider a thermometer that has at least 4 or more probe ports. With four probes, you’ll be able to monitor the temperature of the grill and three different proteins. If you opt for the device on our list with six probe ports, the GrillEye, you’ll be able to monitor the temperature of multiple grills and proteins.


It goes without saying, but the accuracy of your thermometer is going to be a top priority. Most thermometers will never be 110% accurate, but they should only vary by a couple of degrees. 

If your thermometer varies by more than that, not only is it an inferior and an inconvenient product, it can also be dangerous if you end up with undercooked meat as the outcome.

Bluetooth Range

The next obvious aspect to consider is the Bluetooth range. The range can be between around 100 feet to 500 feet, but you’ll find out pretty quickly it’s rare to be able to achieve connection at the max distance.

You’ll want to make sure your connection range is free from obstacles such as multiple walls, furniture and other large objects, like outdoor sheds, to help ensure you get the most out of your range. 


Bluetooth grill thermometers come with an app for your smartphone so you can receive your alerts and notifications. This will be the control tower for your temperature and timer settings. You’ll also manage your connectivity and probe settings within it. 

Take a look at what the app has to offer before you buy. Ideally, your app should be able to show and save the temperature of your probes in a graph form. Of course, you’ll want to be able to individually set temperature and timer alerts for each probe.

Pretty much, the more you can customize the app for your needs, the better. Plus, keep in mind that applications can get better with each upgrade that’s put out for it. 

Other Useful Features

  • Is it waterproof? – While this doesn’t necessarily make or break a thermometer, a non waterproof device can be limiting. 
  • Batteries – Rechargeable will always be a bit more convenient. However, at least make sure you have the batteries on hand for your device.
  • Backlit Screen – This is not a necessity but can be quite useful if you think you’ll ever grill when it’s dark out.
  • Price – Unfortunately, most Bluetooth grill thermometers tend to be a fair bit pricier than standard wireless thermometers. However, there are budget friendly options for the Bluetooth variety that won’t break the bank anymore than a regular wireless thermometer, so if your budget is set in stone, you’ll still be covered. 

These more affordable options don’t tend to have all the bells and whistles of a $100+ thermometer (for instance, less ports, shorter range, less customizability on the app), but in the majority of cases, they’ll still get the job done.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a little wiggle room on your budget, you can really get a high quality Bluetooth meat thermometer that will become your right hand man. You’ll end up with the app of your dreams that will allow you to customize everything from the sound of the alarm to how soon before your ideal temperature is reached that the alarm sounds. So you know what they say, “if you got it, spend it!”

Final Thoughts

If you’re an avid griller, a meat thermometer is basically a necessity. This simple device will make sure your food not only ends up perfectly cooked all the time, it’ll also help prevent the spread of foodborne illness by making you aware if your food is still undercooked.

So, since it’s a necessity, why not splurge a little and get the Cadillac of grill thermometers: the wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer!

These devices take your cooking from analog to digital, so to speak. They eliminate the bulky tech that tends to come with standard wireless grill thermometers. Plus, they also tend to give you way more customizability within the app that pairs with these products.

Nothing will help you enjoy cooking more than being able to control time and temperature alerts from the comfort of your couch or out by the pool, so consider buying or gifting a Bluetooth meat thermometer today.


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