The 7 Best Gas Grills Under $200 (2023 Review)

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With summer upon us and higher temperatures in full force, grilling sits on many people’s minds—and stomachs. If you’ve ever thought you couldn’t grill for only a few hundred dollars, we’ve got seven reasons that’s not quite true. And whether it’s your first grill or one you’re investing in for travel, grilling can be done on a budget. 

Each of the handful of grills we’ve put together below are under $200. Many of them are portable and integrate the value of higher-priced grills into their low-cost designs. Grilling on a smaller scale is possible. Just take a look at the list of models we’ve put together below. 

Here are the best seven gas grills you can buy for under $200.  

The Best Gas Grills Under $200 

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: 463773717 
  • Number of main burners: Three
  • BTUs: 30,000 BTU main burners and 8,000 BTU side burner
  • Grill space: 360 square inches 
  • Burger count: 18
  • Extras: 170-square-inch warming rack, stainless steel construction, push-button ignition, a pair of wheels for maneuverability, respectable warranty 

With three main burners and 360 square inches of grill space, our top pick for the best gas grill under $200 offers the best combination of power and space to make the most of your grill time. This Char-Broil Classic grill stacks three stainless steel burners in-line, but also offers an optional 8,000 BTU side burner arrangement. This makes it great for sauces or side dishes to complement your main meal. A 170-square inch swing-away warming rack keeps your buns warm as you sear steaks and cook hamburgers to succulent perfection. 

The stainless steel construction of this Char-Broil model also lends itself to durability in the field. Rust will have no hold on the lid, firebox, or frame. That doesn’t mean this grill weighs a ton either. At just under 50 pounds, the Char-Broil Classic stands about three-and-a-half feet tall. A push-button ignition leaves your hands free to prep for whatever food you choose to grill, and the porcelain-coated grates mean you’ll get to enjoy more of your meal as it won’t stick to the grill itself. 

Small but mighty, this Char-Broil low-cost grill option works best for small gatherings. A pair of wheels allows you to move the grill party from your backyard to tailgate parties, camping trips, and every event in-between. Otherwise, the other two legs of this stand keep the grilling steady for the best results. 

Char-Broil offers a five-year warranty on the three burners, a two-year warranty on the firebox, and a one-year warranty on all other components.  


  • Large integrated warming rack
  • Durable metal side shelves 
  • Easy-to-clean grill grates 


  • No built-in thermometer
  • Lack of tool hooks

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: Q1000
  • Number of main burners: One 
  • BTUs: 8,500
  • Grill space: 189 square inches 
  • Burger count: nine 
  • Extras: lightweight, easy to assemble, compact design, split grates for interchangeable use (griddles sold separately), adaptable

If you’re willing to spend a bit more—but still less than $200—for a gas grill, Weber’s Q1000 won us over as the premium pick. This portable grill can be used straight out of the box and features a cast aluminum body and lid. Total weight of the grill is about 30 pounds, so you shouldn’t have any issues trekking around with it as you tailgate, camp, hike, etc. 

Besides the lightweight construction, we also chose this Weber grill as our premium pick for a few reasons. First on our list was the easy assembly process that makes this grill a huge hit for folks who want to get out on the road and get to grilling without wasting time. The nylon frame keeps this grill durable in even the harshest settings, and with a push-button ignition, getting the grill up and running takes a single finger. 

The compact design of this Weber grill hides a removable catch pan that allows for easy cleaning. Infinite control burner valve settings allow you to achieve the perfect temperature settings for whatever you might be grilling that day. A split-grate design gives you the freedom to choose a griddle instead (sold separately) if the occasion calls for it. 

Plus, you can easily adapt this Weber grill to run off a standard 20-pound liquid propane tank, rather than the smaller liquid propane cylinders this grill is typically powered by. Both the adapter and a stand are additional to the cost of the grill, but could be well worth it for some grillers. Finally, this versatile grill comes with Weber’s five-year warranty. 

Read our full Weber Q1000 review for more.


  • Removable catch pan
  • Adaptable to small and large propane cylinders 
  • Split-grate design


  • Lack of integrated thermometer
  • Takes longer to heat up than larger grills

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: CGG-180TS
  • Number of main burners: One
  • BTUs: 5,500
  • Grill space: 145 square inches 
  • Burger count: seven
  • Extras: large cooking grate, collapsible design, lightweight, integrated thermometer, limited color choices  

When it comes to stretching your $200 as far as it can go, Cuisinart takes the cake—or should we say, the meat? This petite grill features a single burner upon a sturdy base that sits well atop any kitchen counter, picnic table, or camp site. Cuisinart offers this particular model in a variety of colors, including red, silver, and black. 

Value can be found in the Cuisinart’s weight as well. At just under 20 pounds, this gas grill can easily travel with you from tailgate parties and camping adventures to outdoor get-togethers and more. The folding legs reduce the size of this already-small grill, and a latching lid ensures the grill stays together during transport. A carry handle makes that very act a breeze, and a spill-resistant drip tray knows exactly what you’re thinking after grilling up a tasty meal: no one likes a hard cleanup. 

Cuisinart’s tabletop grill turns on with a twist. Dial in the heat for meals that can feed plenty of watering mouths. While the single burner may take a bit longer to cook burgers or chicken breasts on the outer perimeter of the grate, the unit itself heats up quickly. This doesn’t mean you’ll drain the propane quickly, however. Efficiency is part of the Cuisinart design as well. That goes for the built-in thermometer as well. 


  • Integrated thermometer
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Petite and lightweight


  • Bulky legs
  • Single, central burner

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: 463672817
  • Number of main burners: Two
  • BTUs: 20,000 main burners and 8,000 side burner
  • Grill space: 280 square inches 
  • Burger count: 14
  • Extras: stainless steel burners, steel lid and firebox, metal side shelf, a pair of six-inch wheels for maneuverability

Two burners are better than one, especially when it comes to grilling for more than you and your significant other. Plus, with the additional benefit of a side burner that puts out 8,000 BTUs per hour, the Char-Broil 280 gas grill is hard to beat for under $200. 

This gas grill made our list based on more than the pair of burners that stand at the heart of it all. Char-Broil saw to it that this particular unit received stainless steel components to keep rust from ever taking hold. A steel lid and firebox ensure the rigidity of this gas grill’s entire design, which still remains compact. And with a pair of fixed, six-inch wheels opposite two sturdy posts, Char-Broil’s 280 gas grill will stay right where you put it, wherever that may be. 

Most of us behind the grill will appreciate the metal side shelf integrated into this gas grill’s design. Measuring 12 by 13 inches, this side table works well for preparing any additional ingredients, sauces, spice rubs—you name it. Having that extra bit of table space right at the grill certainly makes it easier to achieve culinary perfection. The same can be said about the push-button ignition as well.  


  • Stainless steel components 
  • Durable and sturdy metal side shelf
  • Push-button ignition


  • Weighs more than other compact gas grills 
  • No thermometer included

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: 285
  • Number of main burners: Three 
  • BTUs: 20,000
  • Grill space: 285 square inches 
  • Burger count: 14
  • Extras: removable catch pan, piezo ignition, integrated thermometer, quick-fold legs, locking lid, 3-year limited warranty, sliding side tables

Shoppers looking for a portable setup that will keep both their budgets and stomachs happy should look no further than the Coleman RoadTrip 285. This gas grill comes in a variety of colors, including green, orange, blue, black, and red. Weighing in at just under 50 pounds, the Coleman RoadTrip offers 285 square inches of grill space shared by three burners. And don’t worry, when grilling is over, a removable catch pan makes clean-up easier than scarfing down whatever delicious meal you just cooked up. 

This trio of burners is powered by a piezo, or push-button ignition. An integrated thermometer allows you to keep a close eye on these burners and the succulent food grilling atop them. Three temperature zones allow for precise cooking, and the grates can be swapped out with optional griddles or stove grates (sold separately). With a range of power from 3,250 BTU to 20,000 BTU, you can be sure this portable grill has your back when it comes to grilling up your next meal. 

The biggest selling point of this particular grill lies in the ability to quickly fold it up and transport it to the next grill site. The legs and pair of wheels telescope and collapse to minimize the grill’s overall footprint. A locking lid and sliding side tables are ready to go when you are. Handles on the sides of the grill aid in loading up. Plus, the entire grill packs up like a suitcase so you can take advantage of the wheels to maneuver as necessary. 

Read our full review here.


  • Handles on sides of grill
  • Quick-fold legs and wheels
  • Three-year limited warranty


  • Doesn’t achieve higher levels of heat seen in other grills
  • Side tables are on the small side

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: DGC310CNP-D
  • Number of main burners: Three
  • BTUs: 24,000
  • Grill space: 310 square inches    
  • Burger count: 15
  • Extras: 139-square inch warming rack, twist-knob ignition, high-gloss porcelain finish, side tables, reinforced stand

Finding a large grill under $200 with enough burners to feed your hungry family can feel like a lost cause. That’s why we’ve included this three-burner grill that features a 24,000-BTU-per-hour output. With a swing-away warming rack and a large grill grate to keep your food exactly where it needs to be, this gas grill wins our pick for best three-burner value. 

One of the most prominent features on this grill is a trio of twist knobs. Simply turn the knob to the lightning bolt and the liquid propane should begin to flow to feed your burner. These large knobs are perfect for busy hands that are preparing a yummy meal for one or more. The ability to dial in the temperature with these knobs is also useful for foods that take an expert touch to grill to perfection. You can easily heat the grate up quickly to sear or grill slowly to pack in the flavor. 

Outer appearances also give away the high-gloss grill lid that features a rubberized grip. The stand is reinforced in the front for a streamlined look that also doubles as structure to keep your grill upright and balanced. A pair of wheels promotes maneuverability and with a weight of just under 50 pounds, portability takes a simple push. The Dyna-Glo grill also features two side tables with an outer border to keep your utensils, spices, and any other equipment from meeting the ground.    


  • Sturdy lid handle with rubber grip
  • Large burner knobs
  • Electric twist ignition


Small side shelves 

Key Features ANd Specifications​

  • Model Number: SRGG31403
  • Number of main burners: Three
  • BTUs: 30,000
  • Grill space: 339 square inches 
  • Burger count: 17
  • Extras: dual foldable shelves, stainless steel burners, integrated push-start ignition, a pair of foldable legs, a 133-square inch warming rack

Sometimes picking out the perfect grill depends on the best grouping of features that most fit your life. That’s why we’ve included this mid-range grill from MASTER COOK. Equipped with three burners to produce up to 30,000 BTUs per hour, this grill features well over 300 square inches of grilling space. 

Chromium-plated twist knobs allow this grill to look good while making your stomach feel good. With a twist of these knobs, the burners fire to life. A 133-square inch warming rack keeps delicate food away from the searing heat. The stainless steel burners keep rust at bay and the integrated thermometer aids in avoiding burnt food. 

The MASTER COOK three-burner mid-range grill weighs just under 50 pounds. A pair of foldable legs complements the dual side shelves that fold down for easier storage. While there are other grills with fancier features on this list, we chose this particular grill because it’s the jack of all trades.   


  • Chromium-plated knobs
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Three stainless steel burners


  • Wheels don’t have much tread 
  • Handle on grill lid could get hot in warm weather

What to look for in a Gas Grill Under $200

When it comes to looking for a grill under $200, value and price have to balance out to get the most bang for your buck. Most grills at this price point address the concept of portability as well. Here’s a list of characteristics worth considering if your budget for a grill hovers around the $200 mark. 

Burner and BTUs

It’s obvious that you’re not going to be able to cook a feast with a grill that’s only a few hundred dollars. But that doesn’t mean that same grill won’t have enough power to grill up a few juicy burgers. Depending on what type of food you’re cooking and how many you’re grilling for, you’ll want to make sure to bring the heat. A grill with two or three burners and plenty of BTUs to sear a savory steak will make any date night a reality. 

Construction Materials

Buy enough gadgets and gizmos and you’ll realize that it’s often true you get what you pay for. However, many of the grills we’ve highlighted above do integrate quality materials into their portable and affordable designs. This includes everything from the stand and side shelves to the lid and grate materials. 


Budget-friendly grills typically accompany road trips and camping escapades. That means portability can be one of the biggest buying factors when it comes to picking out a grill under $200. Smaller grills lend themselves to easy maneuvering around a campsite, while foldable legs and stands allow more room for gear in a motorhome or RV. Weight also factors into how portable a grill is, especially if there’s any hiking involved. 


Grilling at home allows you to take advantage of the counter space available inside your kitchen, as well as any you may have access to at the grill or around your grilling space. Portable, low-cost grills like the ones we’ve highlighted above, are typically used where counter space isn’t exactly plentiful. 

Side shelves on any grill should be sturdy and large enough to hold utensils, spices, and/or sauces as needed. Having the ability to slide the shelves out of the way helps break down the grill to a smaller footprint. 

Shelving also includes the warming rack some grills integrate above the burners themselves. These warming racks can serve many purposes for grillers who want to toast some hamburger and/or hotdog buns, or any other food items that are too delicate for the burners themselves. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to grilling on a small budget, there’s a lot to think about. Which grill can you choose that will give you the most bang for your buck? And most importantly of all, what’s the best usage of your precious funds to enjoy a grilled meal? 

We’ve put together this list to show you that even with only a few hundred dollars in your bank account, you can still gain access to a grill. If you’re looking for value, a higher number of burners, or even portability, you should be able to find a viable option in the list above. But if you think you might have a bit more to throw in the pot, check out our guide for picking out a grill for under $300. You could take advantage of even more grilling power if your budget can handle it. 

Check out more of our grilling resources and stay posted for additional guides to come.  

Our Rating Methodology

At Grill Cook Bake, we take pride in offering our readers unbiased and comprehensive reviews. Our team of expert researchers and staff spend hundreds of hours testing grills and digging into the details. All of this is to provide our readers with the information they need to select the right grill for them.

Our score for each grill is based on a weighted scoring system of seven factors:

  • Performance

  • Build Quality

  • Additional Features

  • Price to Quality Ratio

  • Size

  • Assembly

  • Warranty

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