The 6 Best Built-In Grills (2023 Review)

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The decision to install a grill in your home can seem like a big deal. After all, if you’re going to be integrating this grill into your household, it had better be worth the trouble and earn its keep. But choosing the best built-in grill to include in your home doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. 

In fact, we’ve compiled hours of research and testing in order to bring you the list of the six best built-in grills for your home. As we compare and contrast each built-in grill, you’ll see that the perfect addition to your backyard is closer than you might think. There are plenty of grills on this list to cater to many budgets and preferences, from those who want to spend a bit more to grillers who prefer to get the most out of their budgeted options. 

Are you ready to find the best built-in grill for your home? Here’s a list of the six best built-in grills we’ve reviewed to date. 

The 6 Best Built-In Gas Grills

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Model Number: SIZPRO32
  • Number of main burners: Four 
  • BTUs: 56,000 BTU main burners and 15,000 BTU rear burner 
  • Grill space: 740 square inches
  • Burger count: 37
  • Extras: built-in thermometer, double-lined hood, 8mm grill grates, rear infrared burner for rotisserie, flame-thrower ignition style

The Summerset Sizzler Pro checks a lot of boxes when it comes to the best of the built-in grill market. From the look and feel of the grill to the capacity and capability it offers, this Summerset Sizzler Pro built-in grill holds your meal and cooks it to perfection, too. 

One of the main reasons we chose the Summerset Sizzler Pro as our top choice is the overall construction of the grill and its components. Made from stainless steel, the grill frame, hood, and burners resist rust while maintaining a clean, sleek finish. The hood itself is double-lined and includes a built-in thermometer as well. The 8mm grill grates are wide enough to hold your meal while still allowing the flame to kiss it to perfection.  

Each of the four burners in this grill puts out 14,000 BTU, for a total of 56,000 BTU. There’s also a ceramic rotisserie burner at the rear. This particular burner controls 15,000 BTU and roasts your poultry or other meats the only way a rotisserie can. Heat zone separators ensure every dish is cooked to just the right temperature, and a unique flame-thrower ignition style gets it all going. 

Summerset saw to it that the burners knobs were lit by LEDs. There are also interior halogen lights to help you keep an eye on your food during the nighttime hours. The heavy-duty burners are complemented by easy-to-clean briquette trays, rounding out our list of reasons why the Summerset Sizzler Pro is our top pick for the best built-in grill.  


  • Rear ceramic rotisserie burner 
  • Integrated LEDs and halogen grill lights 
  • Thick 8mm grill grates


No warming rack

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Model Number: L75623 
  • Number of main burners: Four  
  • BTUs: 60,000 BTU main burners and 15,000 BTU rear burner
  • Grill space: 647 square inches
  • Burger count: 32
  • Extras: lifetime warranty, Quick Lite valve, stainless steel construction, rear rotisserie burner, dual interior lights 

If you’re looking for a lot of sizzle for your cents, check out the Lion Premium four-burner natural gas grill. It’s our value choice for the best built-in grill for quite a few reasons. 

Made from stainless steel, this built-in grill from Lion hosts a number of features you’ll find useful as you grill, whether it’s day or night. The stainless steel grates cover a total of four burners, each of which handles up to 15,000 BTU. The rear rotisserie burner is capable of roasting anything you can skewer. 

Lion integrates a built-in thermometer on the hood of this grill, which is double-layer, seamless, and welded with polished edges. The Quick Lite valve ensures an efficient start every time, with a simple push-to-turn knob. There are also dual interior lights to illuminate your meal during nighttime grilling.   

Best of all, Lion offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, burners, and cooking grids. There’s plenty to love about our choice for the best value built-in grill, the Lion Premium four-burner grill.


  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Lifetime warranty on burners, grids, and frame
  • Quick Lite valve for reliable spark 


  • One of the smaller grills on our list

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Model Number: C2SL36NG 
  • Number of main burners: Four 
  • BTUs: 60,000 BTU main burners and 15,000 BTU rear rotisserie burner 
  • Grill space: 640 square inches
  • Burger count: 32
  • Extras: orange LED control knobs, smoker box included, integrated thermometer, stainless steel frame, removable warming rack, lifetime warranty for frame and burners

Spending a bit more to get a premium grill can feel like a splurge in some cases. But when it comes to a built-in grill, investing in a solid grill that will keep you and your family fed for years to come might just make the difference when it’s time to chow down.

We chose this built-in grill from Coyote as our premium pick based on price but also available features. The grill itself is a beauty to look at, with a frame made from 18-gauge 304 stainless steel. Coyote completes their grill box with hand-welded seamless edges to retain heat and give the grill itself a luxurious look. Plus, a double-walled canopy helps seal in the flames so you don’t have to worry about wasting fuel. 

Speaking of the canopy, Coyote integrated a thermometer in the lid. As you monitor your grill from the outside, you’ll also see orange LED backlit control knobs, which individually control each burner. There are three burners at the front, while a Rapidsear infinity burner at the back handles any rotisserie jobs. 

Coyote allows you to fire up this built-in grill with a push and turn ignition system located at the front of the unit. Internal halogen lights keep you grilling into the night. A removable warming rack and ceramic briquette trays make the most of an even-heated environment beneath the lid. A smoker box is also included with this built-in grill, because adding a little smokiness brings out the flavor of any meal.

Coyote offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and burners, and a five-year warranty on the cooking grids. 


  • Lifetime warranty on burners and frame 
  • Rapidsear infinity burner for rotisserie  
  • Internal halogen lights for night grilling 


  • Thermometer may not be as accurate as necessary for some recipes 

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Model Number: 7260001 
  • Number of main burners: Four 
  • BTUs: 48,800 BTU main burners and 10,600 BTU rear burner 
  • Grill space: 468 square inches
  • Burger count: 23
  • Extras: built-in rotisserie, 9mm thick stainless steel cooking grates, back-lit LED control knobs, 112 square inch warming rack, 10-year warranty on all parts

Weber upholds a reputation not many grill manufacturers can match. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve included the Weber Summit S-460 full-size built-in propane grill. In fact, it’s the only full-size built-in grill to make our list of the best built-in grills for your home. 

With a total of four burners, the Weber Summit built-in grill includes a Sear Station for searing in the flavor of your meals. This extra burner complements the built-in rotisserie and smoker box, which allow you to cook meats the way you want to for the best flavor possible. The full power of the 48,800 BTUs available from this built-in grill can handle almost any dish. 

Weber fits the Summit S-460 built-in grill with a series of 9mm stainless steel rod cooking grates. These larger grates hold even the smallest cuts of meat to allow for proper grilling. Plus, there’s a 112 square inch warming rack for hotdog and hamburger buns alike. 

With a 10-year warranty on all parts, it’s no wonder Weber’s Summit S-460 built-in grill made our list of the best built-in grills. You’ll also enjoy backlit control knobs in the front and a handle light for those late-night grilling sessions. Let the grilling go on!  


  • 10-year warranty on all components  
  • Full grill with cabinet storage
  • Back-lit control knobs 


  • Requires careful measuring for entire built-in grill to fit 

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Model Number: BIPRO665RBNSS-3
  • Number of main burners: Five 
  • BTUs: 60,000 BTU main burners and 18,000 BTU rear burner and 8,000 BTU smoker tray 
  • Grill space: 665 square inches
  • Burger count: 33
  • Extras: built-in thermometer in lid, 335 square inch warming area, LED Spectrum Night Lights, stainless steel construction

Sometimes you just want a healthy sized grill with all the technology available to cook up a tasty meal for plenty of friends and family. With the Napoleon Prestige five-burner built-in grill, your prayers are answered. 

This grill includes a jetfire ignition system that’s housed in a stainless steel frame. The stainless steel cooking grids and self-cleaning sear plates ensure a rust-free experience and a clean look. The end caps are also stainless steel. 

Napoleon’s Prestige built-in grill comes with all the fixings for a gourmet experience, from the rear infrared rotisserie burner and kit to the wood chip tray for smoking. The hood has a built-in Accu-Probe thermometer. A 335 square inch warming area keeps buns and sides both toasty until it’s time to dig in. 

A 15-year limited warranty ensures your investment is protected. The Napoleon Prestige built-in grill also includes dual interior grill lights, a full-width removal drip pan, and LED Spectrum Night Light control knobs. With thousands of color options, you can customize your grill’s lights to suit your mood. Turn up the heat with this gourmet built-in grill pick from Napoleon. 


  • 15-year warranty on most components  
  • Large warming area 
  • Full-width removable drip pan


  • Analog thermometer might be hard to read for some 

Key Features ANd Specifications

  • Model Number: BLZ-4LBM-NG
  • Number of main burners: Four 
  • BTUs: 56,000 
  • Grill space: 552 square inches
  • Burger count: 27
  • Extras: removable warming rack, flame stabilizing grids, built-in hood thermometer, stainless steel construction, limited lifetime warranty

Many grills are judged by the number of burners they hold, but you can’t always judge a grill by its cover. We’ve chosen the Blaze Prelude four-burner gas grill as our four-burner pick for the best built-in grill for the power it offers in such a humble package. 

Each of the four burners are lit by a push-and-turn flame-thrower ignition system. There’s also a backup flash tube ignition system, just in case. The grates on this particular grill are 8mm, supporting various independent heat zones divided within the grill itself. The stainless steel construction of this model definitely makes it an easy grill to maintain, even as it resists rust. 

Blaze included a removable warming rack that’s 186 square inches total. The grill’s hood is double-lined for efficiency and includes an integrated thermometer. A full-width drip tray allows for quick clean-up after the food’s gone. With a limited lifetime warranty, it’s no wonder the Blaze Prelude made our list for the best four-burner built-in grill. 


  • Full-width removable drip tray
  • Removable warming rack  
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • No rear rotisserie burner

What to look for in a Built-In Gas Grill 

As you look through our list of the best built-in grills, you might be wondering how to distinguish between them all. To help you figure out which built-in grill might be best for your home, we’ve put together the following list of characteristics you should look for. Feel free to add a few preferences of your own to whittle down the candidates. 


With any large purchase, it’s always good to figure out how much you can spend before you decide on how much you want to spend. For built-in grills, however, there’s much more to making this financial decision than with a traditional grill. 

For instance, you might consider selling your home in the near future. Investing in a built-in grill that’s going to bring value to the house could entice buyers down the road. Then again, if you plan on staying put for a while, perhaps shelling out a few more dollars could get you a grill that will last that much longer.  


Traditional grills can live happily on any backyard deck or patio, but built-in grills enjoy a much cozier space. Make sure that the grill you choose has enough room to work in your home. Depending on where you’re installing the grill and how easy it is to cut the surrounding material, it’s a good idea to find the right built-in grill first. Measuring once for your grill is much easier than cutting twice to make it fit. 


A large number of built-in grills are often located outside, perhaps under some sort of cover. At the same time, they’re still subject to all the elements. 

The best built-in grills are made from durable materials that withstand temperature changes and moisture. Many manufacturers offer grill covers of various materials, but the metal should be built to weather, well, any kind of weather that might make its way into your area. 

Grill manufacturers often use stainless steel on grill components to make them durable. Check for this feature as you peruse our list of best built-in grills to see which model fits your preference. 


There are many uses for warranties, whether it’s cars or built-in grills. The best built-in grill manufacturers offer a healthy warranty on components such as grill bars, frames, and burners. If you’re worried about protecting your investment, contact the manufacturer of your favorite built-in grill to see what kind of warranty they offer. It could save you money in the long run.


Since built-in grills are meant to become a part of your home, it’s best to have a unit that’s easily serviced. This includes everything from cleaning and inspecting to repairs. Before you purchase a built-in grill, make sure it fits the level of ease of servicing you expect. 

Lighting and Extra Features

As you might have seen from a few built-in grill models we mentioned above, the ability to light your grilling surface sets the best apart from the rest. After all, who says you can only grill in the daylight?

Besides lighting, however, there are other aspects of these built-in grills that you might find useful. Integrated thermometers in the lid can save a meal from cooking too long, while large control knobs can aid greasy hands in achieving the perfect temperature. If you need help choosing between built-in grill models, look to these extra features as a tie-breaker. 

Final Thoughts

We chose the Summerset Sizzler Pro 4-burner Built-In Propane Grill as our top pick for the best built-in grill. It’s a well-rounded grill that includes features such as a built-in thermometer in the double-lined hood, stainless steel construction, LED and halogen grill lights, and an easy-to-clean briquette tray. 

The other five grills included in this list are also great buys. From the best value to our gourmet pick, these built-in grills are the companion you want when it comes time to fire up for a tasty meal. We hope you’ve found this article helpful in researching a built-in grill. Which one will you choose to complement your home? 

Our Rating Methodology

At Grill Cook Bake, we take pride in offering our readers unbiased and comprehensive reviews. Our team of expert researchers and staff spend hundreds of hours testing grills and digging into the details. All of this is to provide our readers with the information they need to select the right grill for them.

Our score for each grill is based on a weighted scoring system of seven factors:

  • Performance

  • Build Quality

  • Additional Features

  • Price to Quality Ratio

  • Size

  • Assembly

  • Warranty

Full details on our methodology for expert grill reviews can be found here.