Weber Genesis II E-335 and S-335 Gas Grill Review

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Key Features and Specifications

  • Cooking area of 508 square inches
  • Dropdown warming grill, 156 square inches in size
  • Three main powerful stainless steel burners, 39,000 BTUs-per-hour
  • One side burner, 12,000 BTUs-per-hour
  • Sear station, 9,000 BTUs-per-hour
  • GS4 Grilling System including Infinity Ignition, Flavorizer bars, and grease management system
  • Side table for cookware, seasonings, and storage space
  • Spacious Grill Cabinet
  • Tool hooks
  • Internal thermometer and iGrill 3 connectivity
  • Integrated grease management system

Our Rating: 4.9/5

Our Take 

Weber is one of the most renowned grill manufacturers in the world, and their Weber Genesis II 335 grills are one of their crown jewels.  It’s an investment, but it offers high performance and comes jam-packed with different features

With three burners, a vast grilling area, different saute and searing options, and outstanding quality, the Weber Genesis II S-335 is an ideal backyard or terrace addition to your grilling arsenal. 

The Weber Genesis II 335 comes in two different finishes with two different fuel types.  This can be confusing as there are S-335 and the E-425 models.  Both models are nearly identical with only minor differences.  The S-335 comes with a stainless steel finish, 7mm diameter solid stainless steel rod cooking grates, stainless steel lid, and stainless steel doors.  It comes in two fuel versions – propane and natural gas.  

 The E-335 comes with a black finish, porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, a porcelain-enameled lid, and painted steel doors.  It also comes in two fuel versions – propane and natural gas.  We find there to be very little cooking difference between propane and natural gas – it comes down to preference and whether your house has access to natural gas or not.  

While our review focuses on the S-335 model, we have a section discussing the minor differences of the E-335 model. We believe the Weber Genesis II S-335 is one of the best grills on the market and well-worth the investment.

Table of Contents


  • Fantastic grilling performance
  • Sear station and side burners
  • Superb build quality
  • Enclosed storage


  • An investment
  • Complex assembly
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What We Will Cover in This Weber Genesis II S-335 & E-335 Review 

The Weber Genesis II S-335 is an excellent addition to any patio, terrace, or backyard.  If you’re looking to cook virtually anything on the grill, it is going to be your companion for years.

It  has all the necessary features that allow you to create stunning meals and more. The automatic ignition makes the grill very convenient, and the amount of storage makes it ideal for any type of food.

Below, you’re going to find out even more about these fantastic features and some minor setbacks. 


The Weber Genesis II S-335 has some great performance and features, and what makes this grill stand out is how well Weber has executed them on this grill.

What We Like

Superb Cooking Performance: This grill is a fantastic cooker.  It’s GS4 High Performance Grilling System works flawlessly.  It heats up well and evenly maintains the temperature.  Flavorizer bars help provide that signature grilled smoky flavor that many other gas grills can’t. 

Build Quality: Everything in this grill is made out of stainless steel, aside from the cookbox which is made from rust-proof cast aluminum.  This makes the grill both gorgeous and durable, ensuring the longevity and quality of the product. 

Storage Space: Everyone who has earned their grilling tongs knows that one of the most prominent issues with grills is the lack of storage space. The Genesis II S-335 comes with a heating rack, a heat retention lid, and ample enclosed storage space for all of your food and cookware. 

What We Don’t Like

Size and Weight: This grill is big, and that’s not always a good thing. It’s also made out of high-end solid steel, meaning it can be somewhat cumbersome. These materials make the grill an investment,, so it’s not for everyone.

Complicated Assembly: While the grill does come with assembly instructions, the complexity and features make assembly more challenging than many other grills. Make sure to spare an afternoon if you’re looking to build this grill straight out of the box. 


Weber grills are renowned for their superb performance. Their powerful burners make the grill heat up quickly, and the high heat allows for that trademark perfect sear. The even heating and heat retention properties of the grill allow you to cook virtually anything to perfection – from steaks to sauteing.

Anyone who has ever grilled knows that different foods take a different amount of time to cook. This can be quite a pain, especially if your hot dogs get cold while your burgers are still raw. The Weber Genesis II S-335 combats this problem with the heating rack, which keeps the food warm thanks to superb heat retention. 

The Weber Genesis II S-335 comes with Weber’s excellent GS4 grilling system, which provides their Infinity Ignition, high performance burners, stainless steel Flavorizer bars, and grease management system.  From start to finish, this grill is easy to light, grills great food, and cleanup is a breeze. 

While only having three main burners, the grilling area is a large 513 square inches – big enough to hold about 25 burgers! The included Flavorizer bars are angled just right to catch and sizzle drippings. This adds delicious smoky grilled flavor to foods.

In addition, this grill includes a sear station and side burner.  The sear station is a smaller burner inside the main grill that has one purchase – get hot so you can give your meat the perfect sear.  The Weber Genesis II S-335’s sear station delivers.  

The side burner is perfect for cooking sauces or small dishes. One word of caution – the side table isn’t the strongest so you’ll want to avoid putting really heavy pots on the burner.


Weber Genesis II E-335 & S-335


Size level 

Medium Grill

Dimensions (height, width, depth) 

59 x 29 x 47 inches

Color finish 

Black or Blue (E-335); Stainless Steel (S-335)

Number of burners 

3 main, 1 side, 1 searing station

Main burners BTU 

39,000 BTU-per-hour


140 pounds 

Warming rack 


Temperature gauge 


Fuel gauge 

Yes (on liquid propane models)



Side tables 


Tool hooks 

3 + Internal Enclosed Storage Space

Build Quality 

That is where the Weber Genesis II S-335 shines. The build quality is superb, as the whole grill is made out of high-end materials. Most of it is made out of steel, and the non-steel parts are made out of premium rubber, plastics, and metals. 

The whole thing is very, very sturdy. It comes with a lot of room for storing food, cookware, and seasonings, and the insulation is near perfect. The lid is also made out of thick stainless steel, meaning that no heat will escape once you start cooking. 

The Weber Genesis II S-335 is a great product, made out of high-end materials, ideal for any grill master looking for a long-lasting, sturdy, high-end grill. 

Differences between the S-335 and the E-335.

There aren’t that many differences between the two models and overall the performance is nearly identical.  The differences are in three categories: cosmetic, grilling grates, and price.

  • Cosmetic:  The S-335 has an entirely stainless finish and the E-335 is predominantly black or blue.  The E-335 also has a porcelain-enameled lid and painted steel doors.  Neither really affects grilling performance, it’s a stylistic preference.
  • Grilling Grates:  The E-335 comes with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates compared to the S-335’s stainless steel grates.  If you ask two BBQ masters which they prefer you’ll probably get two different answers.  Which is better is a matter of much debate and comes down to 

personal preference. 

  • Price:  The E-335 is a few dollars cheaper.


The Weber Genesis II S-335 can be hard to assemble, but that’s mostly due to the complexity of the grill itself. It might take several hours to complete.

The time and effort you have to invest in building this grill will be significant, and you are probably going to have to spare a whole afternoon.

But, all the time and effort you put into setting up this grill is going to pay off the first time you cook some mouth-watering foods on it.


Like most high-end grills, the Weber Genesis II S-335 comes with a lengthy warranty of up to 10 years. This warranty covers all parts excluding normal wear and tear.

Another critical thing to note is customer support, which is always there to help you with any issue you might experience. While the grill is not likely to malfunction, it’s nice to know that you have a team of professionals right at the tip of your fingers if you ever need them. 

Always keep your receipt if you’re looking to utilize your warranty. 

Final Thoughts

The Weber Genesis II S-335 is an excellent grill. It comes with all the cooking and storage needs for your grilling endeavors. It’s a wise investment into your culinary future. 

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Does the grill require batteries?

Yes.  The Infinity Ignition needs one AA battery. This battery is included within the packaging, but we suggest having a spare just in case.

Can you slow cook on the Weber Genesis II S-335?

At times it’s preferable to take the low and slow method to cooking. The superb heat maintenance and heat retention properties of the Weber Genesis II S-335 make a good slow cooker.  

How many burgers can fit on the grill?

This grill has a large cooking area of about 513 square inches. It can accommodate about 25 standard-sized burgers. 

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